Saturday, 1 March 2008

Wedding Card

I made this for my friend Louise.
I could not find my bodice template,(I have looked everywhere...still not turned up!)
So not letting this deter me I drew it free hand, and have to say...quite happy with the results!
The lovely rich gold cord is from my blonde moments stash,as is the lighter yellow gold cord that is layered onto the bottom half of the bodice.I then encrusted the bodice in gold peel off dots (you know the ones that are left behind when you use the peel off borders!!! lol nothing gets wasted!)
The skirt I made with a "paper" I got from ebay ages ago It is more like a material and has a lovely gold fleck in it.I folde,d rolled and gathered 2 sheets of it to make the fab full skirt.

The wedding bouquet I made from paper roses,(again purchased on ebay an age ago!)I painted gold onto some of the petals, then intertwined the same cords I used on the bodice.
The lettering I used peeloffs "on your wedding day" kind of looks like a wedding cake shape, that was a fluke!!!lol!!
I did dry emboss the card with hearts they don't show up to well on the pics!


Deanne said...

wow this is gorgeous, you certainly didnt need a template
i'd be beaming from ear to ear if i recvd this card.

Fe-Fe said...

That's really pretty Sharon. You did a cracking job on it!

Tassycrafty said...

Ohhh loving this! it is gorgeous! Im jealous as I wouldnt manage a card like this:)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow, this is absolutely stunning and lovely! What a gorgeous card creation!

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