Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Years Resolutions

I know I have put this on the PCJ forum... but maybe the more places I put Then I might actually fulfill some of them!
I have quite a few resolutions that range from the crafty to the personal.IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
1.basically to make some time to do it! I enjoy crafting and don't do it for any other reason than to unwind ... "me time". So I need more me time!
2.I would like to have ago at some new techniques such as using Alcohol inks (see Tassys blog...my inspiration!)
3.Also to actually get the hang of using distress inks.. I have most of the stuff, but don't seem to be getting good results!
4.To work on my spiritual side, restore my faith!!!
5.To stop being a doormat.
6.To stick up for myself.Home, Work, Life Photobucketlol
7.To become a better Mum..working fulltime..need more quality time with my boys.
8.To become the best party consultantPhotobucket ..so I can give up full time work and party for a living ... more time with the kids!!
9.To be more organized. work, home, life..
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket lol.
10.To sort finances out...
11.To save.
12.To have a family holiday (last one was over 2 years ago)Photobucket

13.To get back to slimming world and loose at least 4 stone!!!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Sally Dawkins said...

hey hun

i love your idea of posting your resolutions on your blog, i think i might do that and then i night stick to them, i would never have thought about putting in things like not allowing others to treat you in a way that you dont appreictate, but i like it! and think that might be one of mine too!!!! hee hee

hope it all goes well and i am sure you will stick to them, I have a good feeling sbout this year xxxxxxx

My Paper World said...

Happy 2008!

Deanne said...

I do slimming world too
There you go, an online buddie for ya!!!
No excuses now.
I weigh in on a Tuesday normally.
Deanne xxx

Tassycrafty said...

Happy 2008...I like thee fact you have shared your resolutions with us, so I will check upon you sometimes 3 months down the line , hehe!I've so many things in common I would like to start doing this year....But my problem is every year, I stick to my resolutions for about a month, then they are gone...How can we stick to it this year? If you have an idea let me know please!! good luck with yours:))

Fe-Fe said...

Hope you managed to stick to them all Sharon! There's a fair few to go at!

Happy New Year!

Fe x