Friday, 18 January 2008


Well I have been on my healthy eating plan from SLIMMING WORLD for a week now.You know I said earlier that I needed to loose at least 4stone....Well its more like 6!!! DEVESTATED!!! But feel ok now because I am doing something about it!!
and in my first week I have lost 6 1/2lbs PhotobucketYIPPEEEE!!


LuLu said...

Well done you for having the will power to succeed. I wish I was so good with some of my vices !

Paula said...

You have my complete sympathy. I have been ill & had to take steroids & am now 1 1/2 stone overweight. This is very hard to swallow for someone who has never been overweight in her life. I have always had the opposite problme underweight & struggled to put even a lb on. I have to cut out calories & step up the exercise not actually allowed to diet as I have blood sugar problems.
My step sister has high cholestrol & she did slimming world & said it is fantastic. She lost 5 stone very easily & looks amazing. She still eats the diet as she says its so easy to incorporate into the daily life even for her hubby & kids. So I hope this encourages you.x

Deanne said...

hi sharon
congratulations, wow what a weight loss.
i do sw too, i'm starting the slimathon on weds for 6 wks as an extra incentive!!! eek x

Fe-Fe said...

Well done Sharon! Good on you. Keep it up Chuck!

Fe x