Wednesday, 20 February 2008

weigh in

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I was really pleased with my weigh in.
So why oh why does something bad have to happen straight after...

The path by the building where the Slimming club is held, is very dark and uneven...Yes you guessed right....I took a tumble.
I fell and bent my little finger right back on my left hand!
I really thought I had broken it!!! In fact the jury is still out on that one!!!Its really swollen and black and blue!!!
What a complete dope I am!!

1 comment:

Deanne said...

oh my goodness that looks awful, a case to sue me thinks lol
bless you i bet thats painful.
love your new blog honey and good luck with the weight loss one, i need to do my LO for February as its nearly drawing to a close.
take care xx
riley was cutting four teeth at a time and he is now up and walking everywhere - bless him x