Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ruby Anniversary invites

Well, we had the surprise party for my Mum & Dads Ruby anniversary last night...more about that on the next post.
So here is the invites I made. To be honest the pictures don't do them much justice but you get the idea.
I folded the card in a concertina kinda style. used plain red paper on the front then a square of red behind the topper to frame. "Surprise Party" I made using my ransom alphabet stamp and gold embossing.

The insert I did on the computer...and folded to fit so that it wasn't visible when card is stood.

The topper I made using square card covered in Cream fabric with a gold fleck running through it ....then folded the roses stem around to make a heart shape for the rose to sit in. The red on this pic is a little bright but wanted to try and show you the gold fleck !


Fe-Fe said...

Lovely card Shhh. Like the little flower - very pretty.

Sally Dawkins said...

Lovely cards hun, Just read thru the panic B4 the party, you held it together really well, hats off to you hun for not freaking out. Glad you had a great time tho., xoxoxoxoxo