Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Surprise Party

Once we got my parents to the venue it all went well...In fact all the planning and organisation spear headed by my sister Carrie all went really well.

The part that did not go really well was the bit an hour 1/2 before lift off.

My boys and I went back to my sisters house to get ready after dressing and getting the room ready.

At 5:30 ish the phone rang ... It was Dad, telling Dave Carries hubby that he did not feel well and wasn't coming to the meal! (the rouse to get them to their party was that they were going for a meal with Carrie and Dave to a posh restaurant.)

Dave never really gets flustered... so after he had put the phone down and calmly thought about the next plan of action ( Whilst Carrie and I were feeling very sick and very panicky) Dave rang Dad back and said you have to come don't tell Mum but it is not just us going for the meal Sharon and Ben (brother) are coming to (Ben is coming back early from Wales). Dad sighed and said oh OK I will see how I feel!!
Carrie and I = still panicking!
Mum then a bit later text Carrie, that Dad is insisting I go on my own, should I still get ready? Carrie reply = yes .... but he needs to come too !!
We then don't hear anything, so Carrie rings Mum. Mum is ready Dad not budging still feels really ill.This is at 10 to 7! Carrie and Dave are picking them up at 7:15!
Carrie asks mum to put Dad on ... Carrie then has to tell him what is going to happen, not to tell Mum. !!!

Dad was ok .... as the pictures to follow will show. Photobucket

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Tassycrafty said...

Hi Sharon!!
Hope you are fine, it was nice reading your adventure with surprise birthday party!LOL.phew wot a relief when your dad appeared!And im glad hes okay.I am sorry I couldnt get back to you on the other bits and bobs but things have been really really busy lately.Hopefully this week will be a bit more calm as I will be off work, for half term.
Take care